Portal Gives Partners Ability to See Order Status

Merchant Portal
The Merchant Portal application is a website that merchant partners can use to order and download discount and value codes. Users can also receive order status, review invoices, and view existing codes. Users can administer merchant accounts, and process merchant orders.

Business Value
Merchant Portal streamlines a process that is currently manual and labor-intensive, thus reducing labor hours and eliminating potential lost information, while providing a record of the state of each request and allowing the merchant to access current information as well as past history.

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Giving Executives What They Need with a Personal Dashboard

PDSA was contracted to build many applications for various departments within a company. As more information is brought into the centralized database, we are able to provide metrics for their executive decision support on the related data and to give a dashboard overview at any point in time. To achieve these snapshot views, we took advantage of the various tools in Microsoft’s SQL Server Reporting Services – Pie charts, multiple series Bar Charts, and table Matrices (Pivot tables).

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Eliminated Manual Process by Using Modern Web API's

A new online ordering system was created for customers to order products and have
them shipped directly to their home or to their local dealer. This new ordering system
used a third-party ordering system that took care of moving the orders through various
states and handled credit card payments. This third-party had a REST API that can be
called to retrieve order information. All of this information needed to be retrieved and
pushed to their in-house mainframe system.

PDSA was called in to develop this rather complex system. Our job was to integrate with the third party order processor via Web API calls, integrate with another third party vendors Web API to calculate sales tax, and integrate with their mainframe.

The new system allows the Company to offer their customers and their dealers a streamlined order process that can be done completely on the web. Ordering, shipping details and the ability to process returns are now completely automated via their website.

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Application Streamlines Obama Care for Employers, Saving Time and Money

Online Enrollment Project (PRO Enroll)

PRO Enroll is a public website that allows groups to conduct their annual open enrollment online. Using a link provided by their enrollment coordinator, employees can self-register on the site. Once registered, they enter their personal information and make their insurance selections from the plans offered to their group. Each plan offering has detailed benefit and pricing information to assist the employee in making their selection. Once the employee has made their selections, they proceed to the application step to complete their enrollment.

PDSA was called in to develop this rather complex system. Our job was to develop this new site, while integrating with Warner Pacific’s existing processes and applications.

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