5 Reasons Why You Should Not Be Running Your Business With Excel

Spreadsheet Problems Many businesses overuse Excel in the operation of their company. This can be a big problem and should be avoided if possible. If you turn these spreadsheets into a web application you make it easier to keep your business running efficiently. Do you know the 5 major problems with running your business on Excel spreadsheets?

  1. Sharing spreadsheets leads to outdated information
  2. Can't guarantee someone won't accidentally delete an important number or formula
  3. Someone uses the spreadsheet incorrectly resulting in inaccurate results
  4. Hard to share among multiple offices
  5. Intellectual property in a spreadsheet can walk out your door

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Comments (4) -

  • Michael Palermo

    7/26/2016 10:10:04 AM |

    Thanks Paul.  Of the 5 reasons listed above, which do you find to be the top offender?

  • Paul D Sheriff

    7/27/2016 11:31:31 AM |

    Hi Michael,

    The first one. As people share them without using any document control system, the maintenance of spreadsheets becomes a nightmare.

  • Michael Palermo

    7/27/2016 11:39:50 AM |

    I thought so.  Is the list in weighted order?  I enjoy reading topics like this - thanks.

  • Paul D Sheriff

    7/27/2016 11:50:09 AM |

    Hi Michael,

    Yes, it is pretty much in the order in which we encounter things. Glad you enjoyed it!