8 Questions to Ask to Determine if you should be in the Cloud

Everyone wonders if they should be moving to the cloud. Here are 8 starter questions you should ask yourself. Are you...

  1. Spending too much time on your IT infrastructure?
  2. Anticipating future growth?
  3. Needing to react quickly to change?
  4. Tired of hassling with Microsoft Exchange?
  5. Wanting to run your software as a service?
  6. Constantly adding more hardware to run your company
  7. Worried that your servers may not be backed up properly?
  8. Concerned about disaster recovery?

If you answered "Yes" to even one of these questions, a cloud solution may be just what you need. Companies are successfully using the cloud to scale their applications up and down without purchasing more equipment for the organization. Moving your applications into the cloud offers multiple benefits including:

  • Better security
  • Less manpower needed to manage software updates
  • More flexibility in application management
  • Disaster recovery is easier

If any of these keep you up at night, you should consider moving into the cloud. Fairway Technologies can help you migrate your infrastructure and your software to the cloud. Read more in our special report entitled Why Move to the Cloud?